What kind of content does Article Builder produce?
Excellent question! Article Builder produces high quality articles built around the topics and keywords that you give it. It's different from the old-style Private Label Rights (PLR) articles, though.
The old PLR gives every member the EXACT SAME ARTICLES. Even if they are high quality, they're not different at all! That's not good for ranking in the search engines — even if you're only using the articles to build backlinks to your site.

Article Builder is different. Each article is built by weaving together snippets to build an article based on your category and subtopic choices. Since we have tens of thousands of categorized snippets in the database, every time you generate an article, it's different!

But what do we mean by “high quality”? Here's a sample article generated from the keywords and subtopics shown in the video demo above (the category was “weight loss”, the subtopics “exercise” and “nutrition”). It gives you a good idea of what you'll be getting:

Get To Your Goal Weight And Stay ThereWeight loss is a confusing topic. There are so many different people and articles telling you so many different things, it can be quite difficult to wrap your head around them all. This article will aim to lay down the essential and necessary basics of weight loss in hopes to clear the fog that surrou
ExerciseAn easy way to increase weight loss results is to change subtle habits that will increase the amount of walking one has to do. Instead of asking someone else to get you something, offer to get things for other people instead. That is one example that will increase exercise levels and also increase weight loss.In an effective weight-loss exercise routine, it can be very helpful to schedule your workouts as early in the day as you can. Exercising first thing in the morning provides you with increased energy levels throughout the day. It also helps your mood, because all day long you can be proud of already having done your workout.One of the most important factors in successful weight loss is daily exercise, yet it's also the one of the hardest things for people to maintain. But, it doesn't have to be so difficult! All you need is just 30 minutes a day of cardiovascular activity to start you on the right track. You can even break it up into two 15 minute sessions.Join a weight loss program, such as Weight Watchers. Groups such as these require you to weigh in regularly, and many people find this motivating. They work harder to exercise and regulate caloric intake so that when they are weighed, everyone will see that they have lost weight. Many people find this method to be successful.NutritionEating fewer calories and exercising more is definitely important if you want to lose weight, but you should also be looking to keep up proper nutrition as well. A healthy body burns off fat easier, and a great way to get nutrients is to make sure that you're eating raw fruits and vegetables, not only cooked items.Celery sticks are among the most scrumptious snacks that you can eat during the day.  Create a low fat dip that you can use with your celery sticks for a nutritious alternative to some of the more fattening snacks on the market. This will help in satisfying your hunger and improving your nutrition.A good tip to help you lose weight is to make sure you're buying the healthiest vegetables.  The healthiest vegetables typically have the most saturated color.  If you've seen iceberg lettuce you'd know that it has a weak color which means it doesn't provide much nutrition.  Instead go with lettuce that's more green.When you are trying to lose weight, it helps to be knowledgeable about portion sizes so you are more aware of what you're eating. For example, a portion of meat is only the size of a deck of cards. Knowing portion sizes can make it easier to balance your diet to ensure optimal nutrition while reducing calories.Weight loss can be very challenging because of the confusion surrounding it. It is sort of like the old saying that too many hands in the soup will spoil it. In order to re-focus sometimes it is best to trust yourself just to a few basics from one source, because it is hard enough to stay on path with that alone.

As you can see from the sample article above, you'll be getting well-written, high quality articles. ALL of the writers we use to create the content have to be vetted, passing a screening test proving their abilities before they are allowed to create content for Article Builder. They are ALL native-English speakers from either the United States, Canada or the United Kingdom (the great majority are from the USA).


What topics does Article Builder cover?
Article Builder covers a wide variety of topics. We're careful to provide a wealth of diverse content for each of the topics as well — which is fantastic when using the subtopics feature shown in the demo video above.

The list of currently covered topics is:


But even if a topic you need isn't yet covered, if enough users request that topic we WILL add content covering the topic. Thousands of new snippets get added to the database EVERY WEEK based on what is requested by our users.


All Topics Include Super Spun Content
(100% Human Edited, Top-Quality)
To add to the diverse amount of content available to you in Article Builder, we've added Super Spun content to all of the available topics. With one push of a button, you can generate top-quality, 100% human edited, perfectly readable articles.

These articles are generated from a Super Spun document, a document capable of generating an astronomical number of article variations. Every generated article is guaranteed to be at least 75% unique (they're usually 90%+ unique).

It doesn't matter how many articles you generate. Hundreds. Thousands. The odds than any two articles generated by one of these documents will be less than 80% unique is one in ten million, 70% unique odds are one in ten billion.

Here's an example article generated from the Super Spun content so you can see the quality for yourself:

Several Effective Ways For Repairing Your CreditToday, there are many people who need help fixing their credit. With these tips, you can find advice if your credit situation needs adjustments or even a major overhaul.When you want to fix your credit, the most important thing to do is to request your credit report. This allows you to identify the factors affecting your credit score. There are a number of websites that will assist you in obtaining this information for free. If you want to fix bad credit, you need to know your rating.It is important to get in touch with creditors and see if it is possible to pay off your debt in installments. This will help you prioritize your bills and avoid paying costly interest fees. If some of your creditors are willing to accept late payments, or let you pay part of the bill every month, you have a bit of breathing room to focus on the ones that won't.

It is imperative that you record any negative details you find on your credit report. The list of bad report information can be useful to you in the future. Since your credit report might show errors and incorrect information, you'll want to be aware of everything on it. With this information, you can follow up with those companies that posted the incorrect data and take steps to correct the credit report.

You may find knowledge about the legal aspects of debt very helpful. Legally, no one can threaten or prosecute you for failing to pay a bill, even a bill collector. Specific laws vary across each state. Callers are not allowed to threaten or harass you over the phone. It is important to know what they cannot do.

Your credit card balance should be below 30 percent. This ensures not only that you always have small payments but that you also always have emergency funds. Exceeding 30 percent hurts you financially.

If you are contacted by a debt collector, inquire about ways to set up a payment plan or consolidate credit debt. Collection people are usually happy to work with you. Avoiding debt collectors just leads to more debt and aggravated collectors. It's better to accept their calls, so you can inform them that you're having financial difficulties but would like to make satisfactory arrangements to repay your debt. Your debtors may be willing to lower the amount you owe. Work with the debtors to form a payment plan. Make an honest effort with credit companies to negotiate a payment plan. By doing so, you reduce the likelihood of incurring further late fees.

By following the tips listed in this article, you will be able to repair your credit easily. Do these things to fix your credit today.


Article Builder Is Also The
Next-Generation Auto-Blogging Tool
The headline says it all, really. In addition to generating articles you can use on your own, Article Builder can also automatically post content to your WordPress blogs on the schedule you choose (up to 3 times per day, or as little as once a month).

It takes seconds to configure the auto-posting job, and once its done, fresh content will get posted to your blog while you sleep! You can add your own resource box to each article (full nested spinning is supported, and encouraged), making it a fantastic tool for building links from your own custom blog network.

You can configure Article Builder to automatically post related images, videos and attractive sidebar “tips”. Keyword tags are automatically added to each post as well. Plus, Article Builder can weave in affiliate links to related top-selling ClickBank products. It's truly the next-generation of autoblogging!

Super Spun content is posted from the selected categories, so you get very unique content in every post! This is extremely important when building links to rank in Google, or when trying to rank the posts themselves.



AUTOMATIC BACKLINKS! Yet another powerful feature of Article Builder's auto-posting functionality is that every post made to your blog automatically has backlinks built to it (via This ensures that every post gets indexed — FAST — and that the posts all have “link juice” right from the get-go.



Software Developers: We've got an API
If you're a software developer and would like to access all of the powerful features of Article Builder from within your own software or script, you can do that with our full-featured API.

The API lets you build articles, inject content into your own articles, and get back Super Spun generated articles just like you would from within the web interface, only within your own software.

Need to automatically post content to your site? Want to create a WordPress plugin that posts to the blog on the fly? You can do that — and so much more — with the API.


All of this for about 40 cents a day!
You would probably expect to pay an arm and a leg for access to a system as powerful as Article Builder, but that's not our style. We know you need A LOT of content, and it needs to be quality, but affordable. That's why we've set the price-point of Article Builder at about 40 cents a day.

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